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GN 00302.940 Claimant is a Naturalized Citizen — Sources of Immigration, Alien Registration, and Naturalization Records

A. General

If the claimant is a naturalized citizen, the INS records available depend on the date of naturalization. (See GN 00302.910B..)

B. Naturalization process

Individuals become naturalized citizens through the following process:

Stage Who Does It What Happens


Petitioner for naturalization

Files an application to petition for naturalization with the INS district office.



  • Process the application

  • Informs the court that the requirements have been met


Petitioner for naturalization

Files a petition for naturalization


Maintains copies of petition and application in its files



  • Grants citizenship

  • Retains a copy of the petition

  • Retains a copy of the decision granting citizenship



Retains a copy of the court decision granting citizenship

C. Information on records

The age on the naturalization certificate is based upon the month, day, and year of birth the individual alleged under oath when he/she filed a petition for naturalization with the court. The age on the naturalization record is always as of the last birthday.

An individual's arrival record will not show information concerning names and ages of spouse or children unless they accompanied the immigration when he/she entered the U.S. This information may be shown on other INS records. (See GN 00302.970 for special information regarding certain Chinese immigrants.)

D. How the DO may obtain information from records

Step Action
1 Obtain the Petition for Naturalization or Declaration of Intention number, if available
2 Using this number, obtain the information from the naturalization records (or arrival or alien registration records) maintained by INS (see E. and F. below).
NOTE:   Alternatively, you may examine the naturalization record at the U.S. District Court or other court of record where they are filed.
These records may contain information not only regarding the individual's DB and place of birth, but also that of his/her spouse and children.

E. Location of records: alien naturalization before 4/1/56

Use the table below to find the location of records for aliens who were naturalized before 4/1/56.

Record Location Further Information

Arrival information (not including the ship's manifest)

Washington D.C. INS office


Arrival information from ship's manifest

INS Verification Center (see GN 00302.920)

If the Verification Center can not locate the requested information, the information in the Washington, D.C. files would be used in locating or furnishing the arrival information, providing the claimant includes on the Form G-639 completed initially or subsequently a statement along the following lines: “Age at time of arrival is desired; if (as) entry cannot be found on the basis of these facts, please check facts furnished at time of naturalization and (re)check for arrival record.”

Alien and naturalization records

INS district office having jurisdiction over immigration matters at the claimant's place of residence

  • Claimant must use Form G-639

  • The INS district office will obtain the requested information from the Washington D.C. office and respond to the application.

  • There should be few cases where it is necessary to obtain DB information from these records.

F. Location of records: alien naturalization after 3/31/56

Follow this general procedure to locate an obtain age information.

Step Action


Request age information from the files of the INS district office servicing the area where the individual was naturalized

NOTE:  Such files include:

  • Arrival records, and

  • Information derived from arrival records, and

  • Alien information, and

  • Naturalization records


Was the requested arrival information found and obtained from the files of the INS district office?

  • If yes, stop

  • If no, go to step 3


Obtain the arrival information from the INS Verification Center (see GN 00302.920).

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