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GN 00312.142 France – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Include the following information in requests for birth certificates:

  • Full name at birth;

  • Date and place of birth;

  • Father's full name;

  • Mother's full name at the time of the child's birth, including her maiden name; and

  • Address at the time of birth.

1. Office to Contact

Office of the Mayor (La Mairie) of the place in which the event occurred

Some large cities have a number of districts, each with a mayor. The request will be expedited if he/she can direct it to the proper district. However, the request will be routed to the correct office only if it is addressed to the mayor of the city. Include a self-addressed envelope.

French nationals born in foreign countries, including former colonies, can get birth certificates by writing to:

Ministere des Affaires Etrangers
Direction Des Francais a l'Etranger et des Etrangers en France
Service Central de l'Etat Civil
44941 Nantes Cedex 09

2. Fee

No fee.

B. Procedure – Divorce Records

1. Office to Contact

Tribunal d'Instance where the divorce was granted.

2. Fee

No fee.

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