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GN 00312.322 Poland – Vital Statistics Records

Procedure – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Show the following information when requesting evidence from Poland:

  • Full name at the time of the event;

  • Full names of the parents;

  • Exact date and place of the event;

    The identification of the place must include the name of the locality, county (powiat) and province (wojewodztwo), or if not known, the names of nearby cities.

  • The individual's SSN;

  • That the certificate is needed for Social Security purposes;

    NOTE: Personal letters from the claimant to the Embassy must show this information or the request will be returned. The Embassy cannot secure vital statistics documents that are needed for personal reasons.

  • The bishopric if the claimant was baptized in the Roman Catholic church.

Do not follow up on requests for Polish records until 120 days from the date of the request.

1. Office to Contact

Do not send any requests directly to the custodians of vital statistics records. Send requests for certifications from public records to:

FBU Warsaw

Department of State

5010 Warsaw Place

Washington, D.C. 20521-5010

2. Fee

No fee.

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