TN 16 (08-23)

GN 00905.460 Benefit Payments in Turkey


Checks are mailed to beneficiaries in the Adana district.

When the representative of the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Adana makes their annual visit to the Elazig-Hozat area (with prior authorization from the Regional Federal Benefits Officer (RFBO)) they deliver the checks which are in the FSP or Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) at the time of the visit personally to the beneficiaries. While delivering the checks, they also verify that third parties have not interfered with the receipt and cashing of the benefit checks.

Checks are given to a third party for the beneficiary if they present a signed statement from the local gendarme showing the beneficiary is alive. If a beneficiary does not appear for two consecutive contacts, (with prior authorization from the RFBO) an FSP employee personally verifies their existence and identity.

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