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GN 01010.255 Adjudication of Foreign Claims

A. Foreign claims jurisdiction

Border Field Offices (FOs) and the International Benefits Office (IBO) in the Office of International Operations (OIO) have adjudicative authority for claimants with foreign addresses. This includes adjudicative authority for technical denials in disability claims. In addition, IBO and specific FOs have authority for totalization claims from certain countries (see GN 01701.005).

B. Policy on foreign claims

Route foreign address claims to OIO for maintenance and future post adjudicative handling.

C. Procedure for foreign claims

When appropriate, handle foreign address claims as a FO to FO transfer to the component in IBO serving as a FO (i.e., E15) or as a FO to Processing Center (PC) transfer to PC8, depending on which component has adjudicative authority, see GN 01010.001B.11.

1. Diaries & listings

Input diaries or listings on the Modernized Claims System (MCS) decision (DECI) screen (see MSOM MCS 009.013). This input will interface with the Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) per MSOM PCACS 001.001 and establish the diary or listing.

If the report of contact (RPOC) screen is available, document the details of the diary code(s) and all issues under development, or justification for the listing. If no RPOC screens are available, annotate a paper report of contact (RC) with the above information and alert the PC on the printed routing screen or paper form.

EXCEPTIONS: If you process the claim manually (e.g., automate 101 (A101)), the diary or listing must be established in OIO. Annotate the RPOC, A101 Benefit Continuity Remarks/Notice (BCRN) screen or the paper SSA-3601 with the applicable diary listing code(s) and all issues under development.

2. Completion of miscellaneous entries

a. Consular codes

Show the consular code on the account data (ACCT) screen of the A101. For a list of geographic and consular codes, see NL 01510.001. Show the 5-digit geographic code in lieu of State and County code information.

b. Non-Citizen (alien) exception

Show non-citizen exception codes on the Alien Taxation (FCAC) screen (MSOM MCS 009.006 FCAC), the Benefit Continuity Remarks/Notice (BCRN) screen of the A101 (MSOM MCS 014.006) or the Electronic Form 101 (EF101). Show a code for each beneficiary and for the deceased number holder (NH) if you award a Lump Sum Death Payment (LSDP).

NOTE: The system generates an exception based on information provided on the SSA-21 (Supplement to Claim of Person outside the U.S.). Guidelines for the use of the SSA-21 are in GN 00205.170 and GN 00205.185.

If the non-citizen is subject to the withholding tax provision of the 1983 amendments, show the withholding status code (WSC) for each beneficiary on the FCAC screen. See MSOM MCS 014.006, for coding requirements. For guidelines in determining whether a beneficiary is subject to withholding see GN 05010.001. Alert OIO on the appropriate printed transmittal screen or paper form to put the WSC on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) when withholding is necessary.

c. Canadian addresses

Enter the Canadian postal code as the sole entry on the last line of the address as required by the Canadian Postal authorities.


John Doe

23 Poole Street

Norval, On., Canada


d. Student provisions

Verify full time attendance for all students outside of the U.S. (see RS 00205.700). Send the SSA-1372-BK-FC form to every student awarded monthly benefits. When authorizing an award to a student outside of the U.S., include the remark “SEND SSA-1372-BK-FC TO C (SUBSCRIPT)” on RPOC, BCRN, SP MSG and the printed routing screen or paper form. The SSA-1383-FC is self-explanatory and there is no need to send it with the award notice.

D. References

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