TN 90 (12-23)

GN 01010.835 Legal Opinions Adopted as SSA Precedent

A. Policy on legal opinions

Legal opinions interpret or clarify a principle of law and are advice given to SSA as to how the laws in question would most likely be interpreted by the courts. The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) prepares legal opinions.

B. Process for legal opinions

  • OGC forwards by e-mail (as a word attachment) a copy of the legal opinion to the Office of Program Policy Production (OPPP) in Central Office (CO) using the following e-mail address: ^OGC Attorney Opinions.

  • OPPP forwards each approved legal opinion by e-mail to the substantive policy component (e.g., OISP, ODP, OIP) for review.

  • The policy component will follow the instructions included in the OPPP-transmitted e-mail message on how to designate an opinion as a precedent when appropriate.

NOTE: Please e-mail to ^OGC Attorney Opinions any new or revised POMS chapter and subchapter entries for POMS Part 15 and 16 opinions.

All opinions approved as legal precedents by policy staff components are placed on Policy Net under POMS Part 15 or 16.

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