TN 12 (08-23)

GN 01050.080 Jurisdiction Based on Cross- Referrals

The folders relating to different SSN's are cross-referred in certain situations to ensure prompt and accurate handling of those records where entitlement or payment can be affected by events on either claim.

The cross-referred folders will be stapled together in the following situations, though both records may not normally be serviced by the same program service center (“out-of-area SSN”):

  1. A. 

    Where benefits are payable on more than one earnings record, of which one is a survivor's benefit and the other is benefits paid to a wage earner on their behalf; (e.g., A and D benefits).

  2. B. 

    Where children are awarded benefits based on combined earnings records of two wage earnings.

  3. C. 

    Where a spouse (B or B1) is also entitled to widow's (widower's) benefits, the D4 or D5 folder will be attached to the folder under which the B or B1 benefits are being paid.

In all cases where an “out-of-area” claims folder is stapled to the back of another folder, a cross-reference record must be established in the case control system. Establishment of this record and the actual stapling of the folders is done by the records analysis clerk.

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