TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.405 Telephone Requests From PC

A. Determining which office to call

Direct the call to the office servicing the address of the claimant as they will be best able to respond in the shortest amount of time. If a third party contact is involved refer the call to the office servicing the address of the third party.

If multiple development actions are needed, direct the request to the FO with the most significant involvement.

Note: The FO will be responsible for requesting assistance by phone from other FOs.

If the PC does not have enough information to determine which FO can best handle the request, and the contacted FO identifies the correct office, the PC will:

  • accept the FO's statement; and

  • redirect the call to the proper office.

B. Placing the call to the FO

Be sure that all development needs are identified to prevent unnecessary subsequent requests.

Make all telephone requests directly to the appropriate FO. Use the DOORS system to obtain the correct FO telephone number (see MSOM DOORS 002.002).

Furnish the following information:

  • PC name and Module number

  • Name and position of caller

  • PC telephone number

  • Date of call (if you reach an electronic answering device)

  • SSN of claim involved

  • Name of NH

  • Claimant's name and BIC if different from NH

  • Any cross-reference SSN, if applicable

  • Evidence/information being sought. Describe the requested evidence and all material facts associated with the request.

Note: If a return call is necessary, it should be made the same day but no later than the next work day. (See GN 01070.430B for documenting the call.)

C. Contact an FO while spiking

Do not contact the field office using the conference button on the spike phone.

Most Spike referrals to the FO are sent via Modernized Development Worksheet (MDW). See TC 29001.030 for instructions on using the MDW.

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