TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.415 Processing Center Actions Based On FO Replies

A. Accepting response via telephone or other electronic means

When the field office responds via telephone and the PC adjudicator is not available to take the call, an alternate adjudicator (CA/CTE) or higher (SCPS) will take the call. When the FO’s MDW response is considered sufficient documentation, then the requesting adjudicator will prepare a record of the response (see GN 01070.430B). In these cases, no further action is required by the field office. The claim will be routed for processing in the same manner as any other completed action.

B. Interim documentation

If the PC requester believes that the evidence received by telephone is sufficient to resolve the issue under development, but actual evidence will be required, the PC will process the action and await receipt of the document. (See GN 01070.430). Under these circumstances, the requesting adjudicator's certification of the information furnished by telephone will be considered “interim documentation,” subject to later verification when the document or FO certification is received.

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