TN 107 (07-18)

GN 02402.045 Direct Deposit and Assignment of Benefits

A. Assignment of benefits overview

Section 207 of the Social Security Act specifically prohibits the assignment or transfer of the right to future Social Security payments. Unless otherwise specified in subsection GN 02410.001B, beneficiaries and recipients may not request direct deposit that assigns payments to an individual or an entity other than the beneficiary or recipient (e.g. credit card company, insurance company). Such requests constitute an assignment of benefits.

B. Handling direct deposit requests with potential assignment of benefits

Upon receiving a request for direct deposit that raises a question about possible assignment, perform the following actions:

  • Obtain an SF-1199A (Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form),

  • Ensure the SF-1199A form does not reflect an assignment of benefits and that proper account titling requirements are met (see GN 02402.050).

If there is no assignment, then approve the request.

C. References

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