TN 261 (03-24)

GN 02402.205 Direct Deposit Enrollment Outside of the United States

A. Direct deposit mass enrollment

Special mass enrollment operations occur the first year international direct deposit (IDD) is available in a particular country. Mass enrollment also occurs when the Regional Federal Benefits Officer (RFBO) wants to increase direct deposit use. During mass enrollment, beneficiaries residing in a particular country receive:

  • an enrollment form designed for that country;

  • a pre-addressed return envelope; and

  • a message describing the benefits of direct deposit and the contact information for direct deposit changes or problems.

A beneficiary can find out more information about IDD on our website or by sending a request for information to:

Social Security Administration

Office of Earnings and International Operations

Division of International Operations

P.O. Box 17769

Baltimore, Maryland 21235-7769


B. General enrollment of direct deposit

Beneficiaries must submit IDD requests via a signup form developed for that country or any document containing required banking information. IDD enrollment forms are available for each country. For more information, see GN 02402.220D.

Technicians in the federal benefits unit (FBU) can print an IDD enrollment form for a beneficiary upon request. The beneficiary completes the form and submits the form to the FBU or the Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO) for processing.

Processing components input the direct deposit data on the beneficiary’s Title II record that are not a part of mass enrollments. The processing component offices are:

  • the FBU,

  • a border field office (FO), or

  • OEIO.

C. Obtaining direct deposit information for initial claims

During the initial claim interview, the FBU or border FO obtains direct deposit information when:

  • IDD is available in the country of residence; and

  • the beneficiary has an account at a financial institution (FI) in an IDD country or the United States.

The technician codes the information and includes it within the initial claims package using the procedure provided in the chart.



the beneficiary has either an account at an FI in an IDD country with that country’s currency or an account at a United States FI

  • Obtain and code the direct deposit information.

  • Ask the applicant to notify us of an account or residence change in the future.

the beneficiary does not have an account

Explain the benefits of having IDD, as outlined in GN 02402.005H.

D. References

  • GN 02402.001 Direct Deposit as a Form of Electronic Payment

  • GN 02402.005 Direct Deposit Information for All Types of Interviews

  • GN 02402.201 Background and Policy for Direct Deposit Outside the United States

  • GN 02402.220 Updating International Direct Deposit to the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)

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