TN 35 (02-17)

GN 02406.145 Requests for Certified Photocopies of Checks

A. Background

Effective May 1997, the Security Officer gave agents in the Office of Inspector General (OIG) systems access to request photocopies of Title XVI checks. OIG uses the same direct input masks and screens used by field offices (FOs) and program service centers (PSCs). Refer all requests from private sector attorneys or entities for Title II photocopies to the servicing PSC. Refer inquiries from OIG for systems access to the Regional Security Officer.

B. When to request a certified copy of a check

Request a certified photocopy of a check when the following occurs:

  • A legal representative or the survivor of a deceased beneficiary is investigating the assets owed to the estate;

  • A civil suit is initiated by SSA; or

  • A copy is needed for a court proceeding not initiated by SSA.

C. How to process the request for a certified photocopy

Transmit the photocopy request using the L-stop code for certified photocopy and identify the requestor in the address box. The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) will mail the photocopy to the address transmitted in the transaction. Since certified photocopies are legal documents for court proceedings, these requests receive special handling by Treasury.

IMPORTANT: For non-certified photocopy requests, obtain a check image from the Treasury Check Information System (TCIS). For more information, see GN 02406.140.

1. Title II

a. The FO and Teleservice Center (TSC)

Forward requests for certified photocopies to the servicing PSC via a modernized development worksheet (MDW) request.

b. The PSC

Input an L-Stop (certified copy) for the requested check(s)

Complete the address box with the following information:

Claimant's Name     

C/o SSA - OIG, (Requestor's Name)

(Requestor’s full mailing address)

For requests from sources other than OIG, insert the attorney's name and address in the address box. For Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) fees see subchapter GN 03311.000.

IMPORTANT: You must obtain written permission from the claimant, representative, or estate to provide the check photocopies to anyone other than the claimant.

2. Title XVI (FO and TSC)

Assist OIG agents with completing the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) screens in Direct Supplemental Security Record (SSR) update. Provide check range information as needed. Additionally, complete the address-related fields on the Treasury Mailing Data (UPTM) screen in MSSICS. Provide the office address, including identifying information, in the address box to avoid Treasury sending the request to Office of Benefit Accounting and System Analysis (OBASA). Treasury will mail the photocopy to the address transmitted in the transaction.

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