TN 68 (09-19)

GN 02406.405 Department of the Treasury Regional Financial Center (RFC) Processing of Check Nonreceipts

A. Background information on RFC check processing

The RFC transmits all nonreceipt and stop payment items, including B-stops, to the Check Claims Branch (CCB) in Philadelphia, PA., for processing. The RFC screens the nonreceipt items against the “check issued” and the “returned check” files to verify that:

  • we issued the check;

  • someone returned the check;

  • the check was cancelled; or

  • there was a prior stop on the same check.

B. RFC nonreceipt B-stop processing

For B-stops, the RFC immediately issues a courtesy disbursement check. The courtesy disbursement check has a different number from the original check and displays the statement, “REPLACES CHECK# 12345678 DATED MM/DD/YY.” The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) will not take any further action unless someone cashes the original check. The RFC includes an SSA check stuffer with all replacement checks to warn the payee against cashing both the original and the replacement check.

C. When RFC rejects a nonreceipt claim

The RFC does not forward a nonreceipt claim to CCB if:

  • there is no issued check that matches the nonreceipt claim;

  • someone returned the check; or

  • for any reason, the RFC cannot process the claim.

The RFC transmits rejected items to the originating Field Office (FO), Teleservice Center (TSC), or Processing Center (PC) via our Central Office (CO) for reconciliation. The RFC annotates responses (both interim and final dispositions) to the PHUS record for Title II and to the Query Control Record (Q query) for Title XVI. The FO, TSC, or PC may access PHUS and the Q query to obtain the RFC responses whenever a claimant makes a follow-up inquiry.

D. Check Stuffer Language

This section shows the language found on a check stuffer insert. The language states:

"The enclosed U.S. goverment check replaces the Social Security check you reported lost, stolen, or damaged. If you find the original check, please return it to any Social Security office. If you have already cashed the original check, please return the enclosed replacement check to any Social Security office. DO NOT CASH BOTH CHECKS. If you cash both checks, you will have to pay this money back to us. You also may be subject to criminal prosecution, civil penalties and/or suspension of your Social Security benefits for up to 24 months if you cash both checks.

You can avoid the inconvenience caused by a lost, stolen, or delayed check by signing up for direct deposit. Paper checks sent through the mail can easily be lost or stolen. With direct deposit, you can expect to receive your money on time every month. Sign up for direct deposit---today! Just call GO DIRECT at 1-800-333-1795 or Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Or visit any Social Security office or When signing up, have this check and your bank information with you. If using your checking account, have a blank check with you. If using your savings account, get the routing and account numbers from your bank first."



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