TN 19 (08-11)

GN 02604.200 Appeal of Penalty and Good Cause


Social Security Act — Section 203(l);
Regulations 404.454

The following initial determinations are subject to appeal:

  • amount of the penalty,

  • whether the penalty was applied correctly, and

  • good cause denials.

A. Procedure for when to complete or not to complete form SSA–561-U2 (Request for Reconsideration)

1. When to complete an SSA-561-U2

If a beneficiary wants to request a reconsideration, complete Form SSA-561-U2.

We consider the following in reconsideration determinations:

  • good cause denial,

  • the penalty amounts, and

  • whether we applied the penalty correctly.

2. When not to complete an SSA-561-U2

Do not complete a SSA-561-U2 if the beneficiary alleges good cause for filing the annual report late unless we denied the good cause issue during the initial determination.

B. Reference

GN 03102.325, PC Reconsideration Processing Procedures

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