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GN 02605.002 MySocialSecurity Change of Address (MyCOA)

A. Description of MyCOA

The MyCOA is an online application that allows Title II beneficiaries with electronic access to MySocialSecurity, to provide us with a new address or telephone number. Only the beneficiary can use this application to report his or her own change of address or telephone number. The beneficiary can also provide a future effective date up to three months in the future. The change will take place without contact with an SSA employee. The beneficiary receives an online confirmation of the change. MyCOA processes the new information through existing batches and posts it to the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR).

Electronic access to MySocialSecurity change of address (MyCOA)

This version of the MyCOA requires the beneficiary to have a Username and Password to MySocialSecurity portal. For details, see — Introduction to Electronic Access Internet Process.

MyCOA will propagate the beneficiary’s current address and telephone number from the MyProfile tab. If the address or telephone number is incorrect, the beneficiary can then proceed with the change. The beneficiary can provide a future effective date, if applicable.

The beneficiary can view the Password screens at MyCOA.

B. MyCOA exclusions

  1. 1. 

    Some beneficiaries are not able to use the MyCOA application if they meet any of the current exclusions:

    • SSI eligible;

    • Representative Payee;

    • Prisoner;

    • Foreign address change (only Domestic to Domestic address changes are allowed); or

    • Claim or Appeal Pending.

  2. 2. 

    The system electronically identifies and rejects input data if the beneficiary uses certain words or phrases (e.g., in-care-of, for, hospital, nursing, rest, home, jail, inmate, prison, correctional, detention, or work camp). The application provides a screen with instructions for the beneficiary to call the 800# or his or her local field office (FO) when we cannot process the request through MyCOA.

  3. 3. 

    A beneficiary with electronic access to MySocialSecurity can only change his or her own address and telephone number via the Internet. The beneficiary cannot make changes for anyone else (e.g., family members); even if they are paid benefits under the same account number.

C. Process

The MyCOA applications generally follow the current business process and guidelines contained in the TC 09000.000 and GN 02605.000.

In order to access MyCOA, beneficiaries must successfully register, via MySocialSecurity, and pass the electronic access authentication process. (For more information, see TC 24505.010 and OA 00220.000.) The MyCOA input screen will allow the user to:

  • view the address we currently have on our records;

  • update his or her mailing address with the option to have the change made “today” or “on a later date” (within 90 days); and

  • view and update the new telephone number we currently have on record.

The Title 2 Redesign program processes changes of address and telephone number inputs from MyCOA and the Post-Entitlement Online System (POS). This is the same program that processes address and telephone number changes that FOs and TSCs input for beneficiaries.

Once the beneficiary submits a change via the Internet, and discovers that he or she made a mistake, he or she should either:

  • instantly make the correction via the Internet, or

  • contact the FO or 800# the next day to report the change.

IMPORTANT: The beneficiary should take only one of the actions above, not both.

The MyCOA inputs go into a post-entitlement (PE) data store, which posts to the MBR in the overnight batch process. Currently, address changes with future effective dates orbit until the appropriate month.

D. References

  • OA 00210.005 – Introduction to Electronic Access Internet Process

  • GN 02605.035 COA in SSI Cases

  • SI 02306.010 Change of Address or Residence

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