TN 8 (07-21)

GN 03102.500 MCS (Modernized Claims System) Claims - Reconsiderations

A. Procedure

Whenever possible, load appeals on MCS. See MSOM MS 03504.002 for those appeals that cannot or should not be taken on MCS.

Use the applicable electronic screen (e.g., RPOC, DROC, RMKS, BCRN, etc.) to record substantive data from document(s) submitted. When appropriate, use the Evidence screen to identify the type of electronic or paper evidentiary document used as proof and the applicable SSN and/or electronic system/screen or field where the data is housed (e.g., MCS -NMAR; RPOC; MBR - SP MSG; etc.). See GN 01010.007 for more information on adjudicative responsibilities.

A formal request for reconsideration on an MCS claim is filed through the appeals screens that record information about the appeal request and decision.

Develop and clear through MCS.

B. Reference

MSOM MS 03510.001 Title II Appeals Screens - Overview


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