TN 13 (02-05)

GN 03920.045 Manual Calculation of Past-Due Benefits

A. Policy

Use Form SSA-1129-U3 (Representative Fee Case Past-Due Benefits Summary) (see exhibit in GN03920.065) to manually calculate the past-due benefits amount in the following situations:

  • court cases, when requested;

  • administrative review cases in which the reviewing official requests verification of the past-due benefits amount; and

  • the Hearing Office (HO) cases when the Administrative Law Judge or Administrative Appeals Judge specifically requests it.

B. Process

After the PC (or FO for T16) completes the SSA-1129-U3, place the original copy in the claim file and route a copy to the requesting office (the Office of the General Counsel, HO, or the reviewing official). (See GN 03920.065 Attorney Fee Case Past-due Benefits Summary (SSA-1129-U3) - Exhibit.)

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