TN 31 (08-23)

RS 00202.030 Spouse's Benefits - Nonpayment of Benefits


Listed in this table are non-payment events and the appropriate POMS reference for each.

Nonpayment Event Reference

NH is deported and (divorced) spouse is an alien outside U.S.

RS 02635.000

(Divorced) spouse is alien outside U.S. for 6 full consecutive months.

RS 02610.001 - RS 02610.015

  • (Divorced) spouse is alien residing in country to which the mailing of U.S. government checks is prohibited.

RS 02650.001A

  • (Divorced) spouse is a U.S. citizen or national residing in such a country.

RS 02650.001

NH or (divorced) spouse is granted a tax exemption as a religious group member.

RS 01802.270

(Divorced) spouse deprived of certain rights by sentence of court-espionage, sabotage, treason, sedition, or subversive activities.

GN 02602.010

(Divorced) spouse convicted of a criminal offense and confined to jail, prison, or other correctional institution for more than 30 consecutive days or a court of competent jurisdiction issues a verdict, finding, or a ruling that declares the individual: guilty but insane with respect to an offense punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; not guilty of such an offense by reason of insanity; incompetent to stand trial under an allegation of such an offense; determined to have a similar verdict or finding with respect to such an offense based on similar factors (such as mental disease, mental defect or mental incompetence) and the individual is confined to an institution at public expense. Or immediately upon completion of confinement in a correctional institution, (confinement in the correctional institution was based on a crime an element of which was sexual activity), the individual is confined by court order to an institution at public expense because they were determined to be a sexually dangerous person or a sexual predator or similar finding.

GN 02607.160

GN 02607.310

(Divorced) spouse does not have a social security number and refuses to apply for one.

NOTE: This is effective with dates of initial entitlement of 6/89 or later.

RM 00207.035

(Divorced) spouse has an unsatisfied Federal, State or international law enforcement warrant for more than 30 continuous days for a crime, or attempted crime, that is punishable by death or imprisonment for more than one year (regardless of the actual sentence imposed); or violation of a condition of probation/parole imposed under Federal or State law.

GN 02613.001

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