TN 16 (09-11)

RS 00203.032 Benefits Enumeration Requirements

A. Policy regarding child’s enumeration requirements

P.L. 100-647 amends section 205 (c) of the Social Security Act to require all title II beneficiaries to have or apply for a Social Security number (SSN).

A monthly benefit is payable if a beneficiary:

  • has an SSN; or

  • applied for an SSN and submitted the necessary required evidence.

A monthly benefit is not payable if a beneficiary refuses enumeration. The beneficiary would be entitled but placed in suspense.

B. Procedure for initial claims

1. Beneficiary has an SSN

If the beneficiary has an SSN, see RM 00207.035 through RM 00207.045.

NOTE: The responsible component is the Field Office.

2. Beneficiary applies for SSN

If the beneficiary applies for an SSN, see RM 00207.035 through RM 00207.045.

NOTE: The responsible component is the Field Office.

3. Beneficiary refuses enumeration

If the beneficiary refuses enumeration:

  • Advise the beneficiary that monthly benefits are not payable until after we assign a Social Security number or we take an application for an SSN. Prepare a Determination of Award, A101 or EF101 and annotate the beneficiary’s refusal to enumerate in the “Remarks” portion in accordance with MSOM T2PE 009.024.

  • Suspend benefits via Suspension Events in modernized claims system (MCS), Function 8-MISC SUSPENSION and add an SP MSG to the master benefit record (MBR) via MONET of “NO beneficiary own account number (BOAN) - Claimant refused enumeration,” effective with the date of entitlement (DOE).

C. Process for post-entitlement cases

Monthly benefits are payable to beneficiaries who complete an Application for a Social Security card, SS-5 application. The beneficiary’s Own Account Number Verification System monitors the MBR to make sure all auxiliary and survivor beneficiaries receiving benefits have a verified BOAN on the MBR. For information, refer to SM 03003.005.

D. Procedure for post-entitlement cases

1. FO action when beneficiary uncooperative

If during subsequent development to resolve an SSN processing alert, the beneficiary refuses to cooperate in providing necessary information, suspend benefits with the S-9 code effective with the current operating month (COM). See MSOM T2PE 002.003 and MSOM T2PE 002.005.

2. Program Center action when beneficiary provides evidence or information

Reinstate benefits effective with the month of suspension.

E. PC action for beneficiary notification

Tailor the award notice to the addressee: (e.g., individual, representative payee for minor child, or representative payee for adult.)

Include in the notice:

  • the reason for nonpayment, and

  • all other appropriate paragraphs including the standard appeal and referral paragraph.

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