TN 16 (09-03)

RS 00205.450 Determining Continuing Eligibility Under Previous Enforcement Procedures

Policy and procedure

These procedures applied to students with a date of birth before 6/2/83.

NOTE: The terms BSY (beginning of school year) and ESY (end of school year) refer to obsolete inputs for processing student claims.

1. General

a. SSA presumed a child to be in FTA if:

  • He/she attended a U.S. public school for which EI status could be assumed (RS 00205.250);

  • He/she attended at least 20 hours weekly; and

  • There was no reason to doubt the student's allegation.

b. SSA required preadjudicative verification of FTA if the student alleged attendance at a non-public school and:

  • The student was in a GED program, home school, independent study, was incarcerated or attended more than one school; or

  • The school was postsecondary, a technical school or vocational school or the school was located outside the United States; or

  • There was an indication the student was not in FTA according to the school's standards and practices for day students (RS 00205.310H).

c. SSA required postadjudicative verification of FTA if:

  • The student was age 18 or older in the BSY month;

  • The student claimed retroactive entitlement for either a period of attendance prior to a period of nonattendance or for a period of nonattendance; or

  • The award or continuing entitlement was approved in the BSY month or later.

d. SSA required preadjudicative verification of FTA for a retroactive or closed period of attendance.

For these student claims, two yearly enforcement operations (ESY and BSY) verified continuing eligibility.

The enforcement operations also detected termination events.

Voluntary reporting by student beneficiaries was the preferred way to learn of events (such as marriage, cessation of FTA, work, etc.) that affected continuing payment or entitlement.

2. ESY recontact

The ESY recontact:

  • Verified current eligibility;

  • Solicited information for continuation of entitlement for the next school year; and

  • Provided other information on continuing eligibility and payment.

3. BSY recontact

The BSY recontact verified current eligibility.

4. Age 19 recontact

The age 19 recontact determined if the student was in actual FTA at an EI in the month he/she attained age 19.

5. Voluntary report

SSA accepted a voluntary report from the student and took appropriate action based on the individual report.

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