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RS 00207.010 Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) With Disabled Widow(er) Benefit (DWB) Involvement

A. Background

For benefits payable before 1/1/91 a stricter definition of disability applied. The DIB claimant was notified on the DIB award notice if he/she met the disability requirement for DIB but not for widow(er)'s benefits.

B. FO procedure

1. DIB claimant eligible for widow(er)'s benefits

The FO will:

  • Follow instructions in DI 11015.015 for DIB – DWB claims, DI 10005.005 for disability development and DI 10005.001 for an overview of FO responsibilities and tasks; and

  • Process the lump sum death payment (LSDP) while the disability decision is pending. Refer to instructions in DI 11025.020 for special situations; and

  • Obtain an earnings record (ER) if needed on both the deceased spouse’s record and the disabled widow(er)’s record; and

REMINDER: MCS EC provides, at a minimum, the yearly earnings and the insured status determination. In the event that Modernized Claims System (MCS) Earnings Computation (EC) does not produce an ER, obtain one through Informational/Certified Earnings Record System (ICERS).

  • Prepare a Disability Determination and Transmittal, SSA-831, for each claim filed per instructions in DI 11015.015C and

  • Fax the SSA-831 to the certified electronic folder (CEF) per instructions in DI 81010.090; and

  • For further processing instructions, see DI 11015.025.

2. DIB-DWB adjudication

If the Disability Determination Services (DDS) sends notification of a favorable decision:

  • adjudicate the claim(s) in MCS EC if no processing limitations exists. If a processing limitation exists, prepare an EF; and

  • take any corresponding action in EDCS per instructions in DI 81001.045.

NOTE: Use the MCS EC routing form to fax any paper claims to the appropriate program center’s (PC) paperless fax number.

3. DIB beneficiary files for DWB

If a DIB beneficiary wishes to file for DWB, the FO will:

  • complete the application through MCS or obtain a form SSA-10-BK, (Application for Widow’s or Widower’s Benefits); and

  • complete any necessary nondisability development; and

NOTE: For storing non-medical evidence in the CEF, see DI 81010.135.


  • forward the DWB claim for a medical determination. Enter “Widow(er) entitled to DIB on (XXX-XX-XXXX)” on the DDTR screen in MCS, or item 23 of the paper SSA-831 if the case cannot be processed electronically per DI 11010.205; and

  • follow instructions in RS 00207.015 when a disability determination is made

C. References

DI 11015.010, Field Office (FO) Processing of a Disabled Widow(er)'s Case in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)

RS 00207.004, Widow(er) Benefits Table of Proofs and Development – Policy

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