TN 15 (03-12)

RS 00208.025 Policy for Mothers and Fathers Deductions

This table contains deduction situations and the corresponding POMS references.





Mother's/father's or surviving divorced mother's/father's work.

RS 02501.100

No Child-in-care

Widow(er) does not have child-in-care under age 16 or disabled entitled to child's benefits on any earnings record (ER).

RS 00208.005A.


Surviving divorced mother/father does not have in care a former spouse's child under age 16 or disabled, who is also his or her child or legally adopted child entitled to benefits on the former spouse's ER.

RS 00208.005


Marriage of a childhood disability benefit (CDB) beneficiary.


EXCEPTION: For situations when CDB benefits do not terminate due to marriage, see DI 10115.050B.


RS 01310.001

RS 00203.060

Government Pension Offset (GPO)

Mother/father is receiving a government pension based upon her or his work.

GN 02608.100C.


GN 02608.100B.

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