TN 15 (03-12)

RS 00208.060 Development for Eligibility of Remarried Mother and Father

A. Policy when subsequent marriage terminates

If the subsequent marriage terminates, the claimant may become entitled or reentitled to mother's/father's benefits as explained in RS 00208.035. In this situation the claimant must provide the following additional proofs to establish entitlement or reentitlement:

  • A copy of the death certificate or the divorce or annulment decree to establish that the last subsequent marriage terminated;

  • If the annulment decree does not show why the court granted the annulment, a copy of the complaint filed in the proceedings. For policy when annulment permits reentitlement, see GN 00305.135

B. Procedure for remarriage to certain beneficiaries

If a remarriage was to certain beneficiaries, a mother/father who remarried after entitlement to mother's/father's benefits may be eligible to continue to receive such benefits. For policy about the effect of remarriage on mother/father benefits, see RS 00208.035:

  • Get the name and SSN of the NH on whose earning record we base the benefits (to the new spouse).

  • Furnish all information through T2R3 Entitlement and Eligibility. Follow the instructions on entitlement processing in SM 03020.001.

C. PC action

When you receive a notice that a mother/father has remarried, follow the instructions for termination of payments in SM 03020.000.

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