TN 11 (03-06)

RS 00208.075 PC Action When Notified of Pending CDB Case


When a mother/father is already entitled because the youngest/last child in care (CIC) is under 16, and the PC is notified by the FO that a child's disability determination (which is needed to continue payment to the mother/father at some future date) is pending, take the following action:

1. Diary

Diary the case for the first day of the month prior to the month the youngest/last child in care attains age 16. Annotate the diary “Child's Disability Determination Pending-Mother's (or Father's) Benefits End (month and year the youngest/last child in care attains age 16)”.

2. Suspend

If the youngest/last child attains age 16 before the disability determination is received, and Title II Redesign (T2RD) has not already suspended the mother’s/father’s benefits (see SM 03020.050 for the Develop for Continuing Disability (CDIB) process), take a MACADE action to suspend (S9) the benefits, input the appropriate RFST (see SM 00848.425) and send the notice in NL 00703.561 to inform him/her that no additional mother's/father's benefits can be paid pending the disability determination for the CIC.

3. Termination

If the mother's/father's benefits are terminated through the T2RD program:

  • Do not reinstate the mother/father and place her/him in suspense. In these cases, benefits will not be reinstated until the child is found to be disabled and in the mother’s/father’s care.

  • Send the appropriate notice. (See NL 00703.561)

If there are other beneficiaries on the rolls whose benefits would increase due to the termination of the mother's/father's benefits, do not adjust these benefits upward pending the disability determination. If benefits were inadvertently increased for the other beneficiaries, the BA/BTE should adjust benefits downward pending the decision on the disability determination.


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