TN 84 (02-22)

RS 00605.401 Recomputations and Recalculations

A. Policy

The PIA can be changed only by a recomputation or recalculation.

B. Definitions

1. Recomputations


  • Involve the use of a new computation period;

  • Can be effective only to increase the PIA (or to impose WEP);

  • Are specifically provided for in the law;

  • Can be waived, in writing, if the numberholder (NH) or his/her family would be disadvantaged in some way or if he/she and every member of his/her family do not want the primary insurance amount to be recomputed for any other reason; and

  • Are effective January of the year following the year the earnings were earned. For example, earnings for 1999 will be included in a recomputation effective January 2000. There are three exceptions:

    1. a. 

      A recomputation to impose WEP is effective the first month that WEP applies.

    2. b. 

      A recomputation to allow credit for earnings in the year of death is effective the month of death.

    3. c. 

      A recomputation meeting the requirements in RS 00605.407B.9. will be effective in the first month it is no longer disadvantageous.

2. Recalculations


  • Involve the reopening of a previous computation to change computation factors or to include or exclude additional earnings in the base year period;

  • Can increase or decrease the PIA;

  • Are not specifically provided for in the law; and

  • Are effective the same month as the original computation.


    Verify the accuracy of the PIA and benefit entitlement after removing inaccurate earnings.


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