TN 28 (08-99)

RS 00605.570 Processing Recomputation Requests

A. Procedure - Increase Due

When a recomputation request is received:

  • Verify the posted earnings. A certified ER is not needed if the computation using SEQY, DEQY, CIP, EC or ICF earnings matches the PIA shown on the MBR.

  • Obtain evidence of lag earnings,

  • Develop prelag earnings if there is a discrepancy, and

  • Process the recomputation or recalculation without the folder using the interactive computation facility (ICF) or CIP.

DRAMS may be accessed for proven periods of military service if consistent with the military service code on the MBR. If railroad earnings are used in the MBR PIA (RR=RCU), those earnings can be obtained from the DEQY or EC.

NOTE: Do not consider the filing of an annual report to be an implied request for a recomputation.

B. Procedure - No Increase Due

When an increase is not due, a notice is required. See NL 00703.913 for the notice to be used. the “No Increase” notice can be automatically generated via CIP also.

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