TN 24 (09-02)

RS 00615.401 Reduced DIB


Effective 9/65, a beneficiary entitled to reduced RIB, spouse's, WIB or parent's benefits can subsequently become entitled to DIB. The DIB is reduced for age in accordance with the following sections in this subchapter.

The DIB is not reduced if the DIB entitlement follows:

  • unreduced auxiliary benefits; or

  • unreduced survivor benefits; or

  • reduced survivor benefits if the date of birth is 1/2/1928 or later and the DIB onset is 1/1/1990 or later; or

  • reduced spouse's benefits (unless the DIB NH is deemed to have filed for reduced RIB when he/she filed for reduced spouse's benefits).

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RS 00615.401 - Reduced DIB - 09/16/2002
Batch run: 02/21/2013