TN 24 (09-02)

RS 00615.706 Computation of the Widow(er)'s Benefit With DRCs

A. Policy

The PIA upon which the benefit is based, is deemed equal to the DNH's RIB plus DRCs, if it is higher than the regular death PIA. This amount is referred to as the “Deemed PIA”. (See RS 00615.301A.3.)

B. Procedure - Computing Widow(er)'s Benefit

When we determine the deemed PIA we compute that PIA based on correct factors. If a DNH was receiving a benefit protected by administrative finality that protection ends at death. That protection does not affect how we compute subsequent benefits for survivors.

  • Determine the fictitious life PIA, including any RR earnings. For computing the benefits after the year of death, earnings in the year of death may be included.

  • Reduce the fictitious life PIA for the NH's months of entitlement prior to FRA.

  • Add DRCs up to month of death.

  • RIB plus DRCs, if greater than death PIA, becomes widow(er)'s original benefit.

NOTE: ICF program #23 can help compute reduced widow(er) benefits when the NH had DRCs and when the RIB limitation applies. See MSOM ICFT2 023.001 .

C. References

WIB original benefit see RS 00615.301.

RIB limitation see RS 00615.320.

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