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RS 01405.047 Multiple Employee Reporting Errors

A. Introduction to handling multiple employee reporting errors from a single employer

When more than one employee's wages have not been reported or have been incorrectly reported in a single employer's report, e.g. incorrect tax year (TY) on the employer's report or incorrect maximum wages for the TY, follow the procedures in this section.

B. Procedure for employer reporting errors

1. Determine if SSA is aware of the reporting problem

Check the National Wage Reporting Problem System (WRPS) using the Employer Search function to determine if SSA is aware of the reporting problem. All employees from Field Offices (FO) and Program Service Centers (PSC) have access to main menu of this application. Employer Service Liaison Officers (ESLO), Wage Reporting Specialists (WRS), and Central Office (CO) employees (involved with wage reporting issues) have access to some additional buttons on main menu e.g. VALIDATION, WORKING FILE, and NATIONAL REPORTS. Ask your lead technician or wage specialist to use the WRPS link to contact the New York Regional Office and determine if it is appropriate to request the information for your case.

  • Only ESLO/WRS have capability to view submissions, have access to the ‘Working File’ button and the validation button, and can record first and second contact with the employer. If a case is not resolved at RO level, then ESLO/WRS can transfer a case from RO to CO for further action.

  • FO/PSC employee/ESLO/WRS can refer a case.

2. SSA is not aware of the reporting problem

If the employer is not listed in the WRPS and it is apparent that a reporting problem exists, follow the guidelines in the WRPS "User Guide" and discuss with your technical staff (Customer Service Representative or Claims Specialist) about having the employer information added to WRPS, see RS 01404.160.

3. Individual initiated the investigation of their earnings record

In claims situations, process the individual’s request for correction. For pre-claim situations, if it is apparent that the employer report is pending, explain this to the individual, see RS 01404.005. If the individual requests an immediate correction, process the request for correction, see RS 01404.160C3.


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