TN 12 (01-14)

RS 01602.110 Erroneous Certifications by SSA to the RRB or the Treasury

If a field office (FO) employee identifies a case erroneously certified for payment by SSA to the RRB or to the Treasury, the FO should notify the processing center (PC) PC employees should contact the Chicago RRB to confirm the error and take action based on an RR-3 from the RRB and take action depending on the circumstances:




RRB does not certify an award that we certified to the RRB as our records indicated RR-Cert and returns claim to SSA’s Processing Center (PC) using an RR-3 or G-37E for certification by SSA to the Treasury.

For an exhibit of the RR-3, see RS 01602.622 in this section. For an exhibit of the G-37E, see RS 01602.630 in this section.

Accept RRB's determination and certify the award to Treasury for payment.


EXCEPTION:  If there is a serious question as to RRB's determination, refer the case to the PC’s Operations Analysis Staff (OAS) for possible further action.

A claim is erroneously certified to the Treasury instead of to the RRB.

The PC will contact the RRB using an SSA-3606. The RRB will verify the information from SSA and notify SSA using an RR-3 that the claim is RRB jurisdiction. SSA will then change the payment status LAF C to LAF E, reflecting certification to the RRB. For information on the SSA-3606, see RS 01602.606 in this section.

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