TN 22 (04-01)

RS 01901.030 Employment Within The United States


Section 210(a) of the Social Security Act;
Regulation No.4, Sec. 404.1004 .


Employment performed within the U.S. is covered regardless of the employee's citizenship or place of residence unless otherwise excluded under Section 210(a).


1. United States

For coverage purposes, the United States is defined as:

  • the 50 States;

  • the District of Columbia;

  • the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands since 1/1/51;

  • American Samoa and Guam since 1/1/61;

  • the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) since 1/1/87; and

  • the territorial boundaries of islands and coastal States extending out to sea 12 miles from the low water mark as measured by the general coast line. The Outer Continental Shelf is also considered within the U.S.

2. United States Citizen

For a definition of United States citizen and evidence of citizenship, see GN 00303.001 ff.

Who Is a U.S. Citizen, GN 00303.120

Establishing U.S. Citizenship for All SSA Programs, GN 00303.300

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