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RS 02101.040 Continuing Work Relationship

A. Employee status

A worker who has a continuing relationship with the person for whom he or she works is more likely to be an employee than one who engages in a single job or for sporadic or infrequent jobs. A continuing work relationship may be assumed if the work is performed:

  • frequently and recurring at irregular intervals;

  • on call of the employer; or

  • whenever the work is available.

If the arrangement contemplates continuing or recurring work, the relationship is considered permanent even if the services are performed:

  • at irregular intervals;

  • on a part-time basis;

  • seasonally; or

  • by a worker that works for a short time.

A continuing relationship between the worker and the employer indicates that an employer-employee relationship exists.

B. Reference

Social Security Handbook, Chapter 809: Is your work relationship continuing?

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