TN 9 (05-90)

RS 02505.170 How to Treat Repeat Commissions on Casualty Insurance


1. Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance is health insurance, accident insurance, and similar fields of insurance.

2. Repeat Commissions

Repeat commissions are commissions paid on casualty insurance.


Generally, repeat commissions differ from renewal commissions in the life insurance field; this is true even though the repeat commissions are sometimes called "renewal" commissions. Each repeat commission is for a policy written for a new and different term.

Ordinarily the rate of commission on these repeats is the same regardless of how many times the insurance is extended for a new term. Regardless of the amount of work done by an agent when a casualty insurance policy is extended, the commission paid is for the term only; it is not additional compensation for the original term of the policy.


Repeat commissions from accident and health insurance policies are, normally, earned in the month in which the policy is extended. Thus, they are wages for that month and year if the agent then was an employee; if the agent then was self-employed, they may be included as earnings from SE for the year in which they are received unless the SEI exclusion applies. See RS 02505.125 ff.


Accept the beneficiaries allegation of when repeat commissions are earned unless other information raises a question, in which case, verify.

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