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RS 02809.015 Contact With RRB on RRB Certification Cases

A. Critical Cases

The Inquiries Specialist will call the RRB, Customer Service Representative (CSR), telephone number (312) 751-7105 for retirement cases or (312) 751-7106 for survivor cases. Explain that a critical case is involved and whether the inquiry involves a retirement or survivor annuity (if possible). The type of annuity determines which CSR Specialist will handle the inquiry. Furnish payment information from the folder. The RRB will process the case within 7-10 working days and return the call advising the amount of the payment made, period covered, and the certification date to the Treasury Department. A confirmation SSA-3103 must be sent to the RRB (see RS 02809.099, Exhibits 1 and 2) addressed as follows:

    Railroad Retirement Board

    844 Rush Street

    Chicago, Illinois 60611

    Attention: CSR Section

The following situations may evolve:

1. Folder Located — SSADATS Record or Payment Data Not Yet Transmitted

If the folder is located, but the PC action is not complete, the Inquiries Staff will control the case and see that the case is processed immediately. Payment information should be called to the RRB, CSR Specialist by the Inquiries Specialist and the annotation, “CONFIRMS PHONE CALL (date)” entered at the top of the confirmation SSA-3103. Benefit payment information must include items 2-12, items 13A, 13B, 13D, 13J, 13K, items 13G-13I, if applicable, item 15 and item 16, if applicable. If the benefit rates on this form duplicate those paid on the RRB expedited voucher (that is, estimated rates were furnished because the true rates were unknown), draw a large “X” from corner to corner through items 1 and 4 (see RS 02809.099 Exhibit 1).

2. Folder Located — SSADATS Record or SSA-3103 Previously Transmitted

If the folder is located and it is determined that the payment data has already been transmitted to RRB, advise the CSR Specialist the date of transmission. RRB will search for the material and should have it within a day or two. Payment will then be expedited and generally it will not be necessary to relay payment data or a confirmation SSA-3103. However, if RRB cannot locate the material, it will be necessary for the Inquiries Staff to furnish payment information and forward a confirmation SSA-3103 to RRB (RS 02809.099, Exhibit 1).

3. Folder Not Located — Payment Information Based On Estimated Rates

If the payment is based on estimated rates because the folder cannot be located and RRB cannot find any record, continue the search for the folder. When it is found, and the rates furnished by RRB are different from the true rates, enter the correct rates in item 13E of the confirmation SSA-3103. Also enter the previous payment data (furnished by phone) in “Remarks.” See RS 02809.099, Exhibit 2. In these instances, where estimated rates were furnished, do not draw the large “X” in items 1 and 4.

B. Request for Expedited Payment

Procedures for RRB contact when a Request for Expedited Payment is received are located in RS 02805.040G.

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