TN 15 (11-02)

DI 13010.610 The Disability Review Establishment (DRES) Screen

A. Procedure – When to use the DRES Screen

Use the DRES screen to establish an action in the DCF if the same action is not already pending. In essence, the DRES establishes the primary issue (such as T2 Work CDR, EXR case, Medical CDR, etc). Do not attempt to establish a duplicate pending action (such as two EXR requests, or two T2WORK reviews). The DCF can control more than one pending action provided the actions are in different categories (e.g. a medical CDR and a work CDR).

B. Procedure – How to get to the DRES screen

To get to the DRES screen:

  • Select 32, DISABILITY CONTROL FILE, from SSA's main menu (MAIN).

  • Select 8, ESTABLISH DISABILITY REVIEW, from the CDR Selection Menu (MCDR) and enter the beneficiary's/recipient's SSN.

  • Select the type of action on the ECDR to establish (SELECT number 1 – 6).

C. Reference – DRES Screen

MSOM CDR 001.016

D. Procedure – Completing the DRES

The DCF ID number, claimant account number, beneficiary name and Type of selection fields are propagated to the DRES from the ECDR screen. The office code field is also pre-filled.

  • In the SELECT CATEGORY field enter the category of the CDR to be established. Only categories associated with the selection type shown on the ECDR screen are shown on the DRES (for example, if a T2 Work was selected on the ECDR, the DRES will only list possible T2 work actions, SGA and TWP).

  • In the SELECT TITLE field enter the appropriate title (title II, XVI, or concurrent) on which an EXR request has been taken. The SELECT TITLE field on the DRES can only be entered when the ECDR screen was completed with a SELECT of 2, EXR.

  • Complete the REQUEST FOLDER field Y if requesting the folder.

  • The FOLDER RECONSTRUCTION ISSUE field will be pre-filled with an “N”. Change this to a “Y” when reconstructing the prior folder. All possible codes can be found in DI 13010.625D.4.

  • In the DIRECT RELEASE INITIATION DATE field enter the date the initial CDR notice was sent. This indicates that the CDR has been officially initiated. Use MMDDCCYY format.

  • The WORK BEGIN DATE and the WORK END DATE fields will only appear if the CDR type selected on the ECDR screen was 6, T2 WORK. Enter the WORK BEGIN DATE (MMCCYY) when adding a T2 Work CDR (this is a mandatory entry) based upon the information at the time the DRES is being entered (e.g., if the MEF shows earnings for the year 2002, lacking other information, enter a WORK BEGIN DATE of 012002.)

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