DI 26516.001 Background

A series of disability work simplification initiatives which can improve productivity in the disability program while maintaining a high quality work product have been developed. One initiative is to suspend, during FY 87, the preparation of summary decision rationales as previously required by DI 26515.000. Because these summary decision rationales largely contained information documented elsewhere in the file, it is felt that they were duplicative and therefore do not need to be repeated separately. The chart in DI 26516.005 shows the issues that are currently required to be rationalized/documented in the disability decisionmaking process and where they will usually be documented in the file so that they do not have to be repeated in a separate summary decision rationale. If these issues are not documented elsewhere in the file, the simplified procedures provide that a brief supplemental rationale be prepared (see DI 26516.005). Specific instructions, outlining these situations, are provided in DI 26516.010.

During the one-year simplification period, a study will be conducted to determine the effect of the new procedures on the accuracy and consistency of decisionmaking. After the study, a decision will be made regarding the ongoing preparation of decision rationales needed to document our disability determinations.

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