TN 13 (05-02)

DI 26525.035 The MIP Diary

A. Policy

Set the MIP (3-year) diary when the current determination is made for individuals:

  • who may improve and be able to perform work if an adult or no longer result in marked and severe functional limitations if a child, but

  • for whom, based on the individual case facts, cessation under the MIRS is not probable within 3 years of adjudication.

B. Procedure - general

1. General

Schedule a 3-year MIP review for individuals who do not meet MIE (DI 26525.025), MINE (DI 26525.045), or vocational (DI 26525.050) diary criteria.

NOTE: The diary date can contain four or six characters depending on the Legacy system used by a particular State DDS e.g. 08/05; 08/01/05; 08/2005.

2. Age Constraints

a. General

Do not schedule a MIP diary for individuals who are currently age 51 1/2 or older (i.e., individuals who will be age 54 1/2 or older at MIP diary maturity).

b. Exceptions

Set a MIP diary when MIRS criteria will be met at the 3-year diary date for certain cancer (follow DI 26525.010) or some fracture situations. Diary to mature up to age 59 1/2 in these cases. Otherwise, set a MINE diary.

C. Procedure - systems coding

Complete the diary block of forms SSA-831-C3/U3 (item 17) and SSA-832-C3/U3 SSA-833-C3/U3 (item 23) as follows:

1. Diary Type

Enter “MRN”.

2. Diary Date

Enter a two-digit code for month, day, and year for 36 months in the future, counting the month of adjudication. Use “01” for the day (e.g., if the month of this decision is 3/02, diary for 02/01/05).

3. Diary Reason

Enter “3”.

D. Reference

SSA-831-C3/U3 diary coding instructions, DI 26510.020D.

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