TN 13 (05-02)

DI 26525.065 Medical Review Diary Followups

A. Policy

1. First Followup Alert

The first follow-up alert will be generated on all medical review diaries 180 days after the initial selection of the case for review, unless:

  • a cessation is effectuated (title II), or

  • a cessation diary is established (title XVI).

2. Subsequent Follow-up Alerts

Subsequent alerts will be generated at 90-day intervals and routed to the DDS location to alert the component that:

  • the CDR is past due, and

  • all actions should be expedited.

3. Monitoring of Alerts

ODIO/DRS will monitor the alerts until all actions have been completed. ODIO/DRS will:

  • contact the DDS by phone or memorandum requesting the status of past due CDRs.

  • send a listing of the third and sixth follow-ups to the regional office to alert it to CDRs, which are backlogged in the region.

B. Procedure

When follow-up alerts are received, process as follows:

1. Folder Not in DDS

a. Determination Made

Discard the follow-up alert.

b. No Record of the CDR

  • Annotate the alert “No Record.”

  • Return the alert to the sending office.

2. Folder in DDS

a. Determination Not Made

  • Expedite the CDR, and

  • Make all necessary systems inputs.

b. Determination Made

  • System now annotated - Discard the follow-up.

  • System not annotated - Make the necessary system inputs and release the file as soon as possible.

3. Status Request

When status requests are received from ODIO/DRS or the regional office, notify the requesting office of the action taken.

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