TN 38 (09-15)

DI 28030.045 Medical Regimen


Generally, when an individual is hospitalized or a medical source significantly restricts an individual's activities, the symptoms, signs and laboratory findings establish that the impairment(s) is still disabling. Hospitalization, prescribed therapy that interferes with functioning, or the judgment by the medical source that the individual should not work are not, in themselves, sufficient evidence to support a finding of continuance.

Disability examiners must consider the evidence provided by the individual's medical source in making an independent judgment as to:

  • An individual's medical improvement.

  • An individual's ability to engage in substantial gainful activity.

  • Whether the current impairment(s) causes significant functional limitations in a Title XVI child case.

Carefully consider the possibility that the medical source has additional evidence not reflected in the file that might support a finding of continuance. For procedures on obtaining evidence from medical sources, see DI 22505.001.

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