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DI 28050.005 TWP Process

These guidelines regarding trial work period service months are only informational. Determining when a TWP service month has been used and the preparation of an SGA continuance or cessation at the end of the TWP is the responsibility of the field office (FO).

A. ODIO/PSC-DRS Functions

Develops work activity by direct contact (mail and/or phone) soliciting information regarding wage postings, current medical restrictions, etc. If additional development is needed, ODIO/PSC-DRS will request the FO to contact the beneficiary/recipient. Screens out any case at the end of the TWP which meets “impairment severity” and does not require further medical development, e.g., medical improvement not expected (MINE) cases. Once entitlement is established, ODIO/PSC-DRS evaluates over age 55 statutorily blind cases involving TWP or work and earnings issues.

B. FO Functions

Initiates work development based on personal contact, third party reports, or at the request of another office, e.g., ODIO/PSC-DRS referral for additional development. Determines TWP service months and prepares SGA continuances and cessations at the end of the trial work period including under age 55 statutorily blind cases.

The FO will establish a TWP diary in MIE cases if the earnings reflect service months and the medical review results in a continuance.

The FO will establish a TWP diary in MIP or MINE cases without medical review.

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