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DI 32001.020 Paper Folder Preparations

A. General

The disability determination services (DDS) ensures the file is properly assembled and ready to be mailed to the next destination. This includes properly identifying the folder material, organizing the material, and keeping only pertinent documents and evidence in the file.

B. Final folder review

  1. 1. 

    Examine the contents of the case file to make sure that the number holder's name and Social Security number appear on the first page of each document. Do not to write on, mark, or underline evidence submitted other than to identify the material.

  2. 2. 

    Ensure that all the material in the file applies to the claimant. If the folder contains material that does not apply to the claimant, associate the material with the proper file. If there is no claim in the DDS to relate the material with, handle it as trailer material. See DI 22520.000.

C. Folder content

Order the information within the modular disability folder as explained in DI 70005.005 – Overview of the Modular Disability Folder.

NOTE: Detailed instructions explaining requirements for documenting the disability folder are found in DI 20503.001.

  1. 1. 

    Retain all essential material documenting of the decision in the disability folder. Resolve any doubt in favor of keeping the material in the file.

  2. 2. 

    After any relevant quality review of the determination is complete, properly discard any non-essential material. See DI 20503.001C.3. As a general rule do not keep:

    • Rough notes or rough drafts

    • Blank forms or blank questionnaires returned to the DDS

    • Extra copies of reports of contact

    • Envelopes used to return material to the DDS unless used for proof of returned letters in denials where claimant's whereabouts are unknown

    • Duplicate copies of the same material from the same source

    • DDS worksheets that include only instructions to clericals; e.g., what forms or letters to prepare

    • Special review forms prepared for strictly data gathering purposes, containing no narrative comments by a reviewer relative to adjudicative actions

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