TN 3 (11-23)

DI 32005.010 Disability Determination Services Preparation of Form SSA-408 (Route Slip) – Paper Case Only

For electronic cases, follow the instructions in DI 81010.087.

A. Preparation of the SSA-408 (Route Slip)

Prepare an SSA-408 to route a paper folder from the disability determination services (DDS) to the next destination. When concurrent claims involve two folders, and both folders are stapled together and are routed to the same location, only one SSA-408 is required (on the top folder). When you split and route two folders to different locations, prepare an SSA-408 for each folder.

Always complete the “Date,” “To,” and “From” portions and check “Your Jurisdiction.”

NOTE: If no further action is required on the folder and you send the folder to a storage location, remove all routing forms, flags, and flashes. The SSA-408 should be the only form left on the folder.

B. Destination — Field Office (FO)

Enter “FO” on the “To” line when the routing chart indicates the FO as the case destination. Do not enter the FO address unless the FO that sent the case to the DDS requested that you forward the case to another FO because the claimant moved. In this situation, enter the address of the new FO.

In initial cases, check the box “Associate with material” and strike out the words “previously transmitted on   (date)   .”

C. Destination — Office of Disability Operations (ODO)

Enter “ODO” and any specified box or Zip Code on the “To” line. Also enter “Attn: (ODO Component)”, if specified. Briefly identify the issue in Remarks.

D. Destination — Program Service Center (PSC)

Enter the PSC's name abbreviation on the “To” line based on the chart in DI 32005.015. Also enter “Attn: Claim-Action Necessary” on initial cases or “Attn: DPB” on reconsideration cases.

E. Destination — Disability Quality Branch (DQB)

Enter “DQB” on the “To” line followed by the City name for the DQB in the SSA region where your State is located.

When preparing the SSA-408 to route the review case to the DQB, always include a remark that specifies the type of review that the case was selected for, e.g., “PER CASE.”

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