TN 10 (12-17)

DI 33025.005 Title XVI Conversion Cases

A. Background - Title XVI Conversion Reentitlement

See DI 23525.001 Title XVI Conversion Reentitlement Cases.

B. Procedure - Evaluating disability under Federal criteria

1. Disabled under Federal criteria

Continue the case following usual procedures if the individual is disabled under Federal criteria.

2. Not disabled using Federal criteria

Evaluate the case using State plan criteria if the individual is not disabled using Federal criteria. See DI 21501.000 Title XVI - State Plans—Disability/ Blindness.

NOTE: Use the State plan in effect as of October 1972 under which the individual received State aid in 1973. This applies even if the individual moved to another State.

Contact the regional office (RO) to determine if there are any subsequent interpretations of the State plan applicable to the case you are adjudicating. (There have been a number of court cases, both at the Federal and State levels, which have revised interpreted State plans).

3. Case ceased under Federal and State plan criteria

For cessation date, use the same date for both “Ceased” and “State plan last met” in item 9B of the SSA-832.

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