TN 15 (03-02)

DI 39548.001 Miscellaneous Costs - DDS

A. Policy

1. General

The DDS may incur, with proper budgetary approval, expenses for miscellaneous costs that do not fall under categories reported elsewhere.

2. Definition

Miscellaneous costs are all other non-personnel costs that have not been previously identified elsewhere.

a. Items included

The following list represents examples of miscellaneous costs that may be included under the All Other Non-Personnel cost category:

  • Training Costs – these are costs that arise in relation to the training of DDS personnel, and involve resources that are outside the DDS, parent agency, or SSA. This includes such items as tuition costs, books, fees, and instructor costs (including instructor travel costs)

  • Direct charges from other State agencies not included in direct cost allocation agreements

  • Automobile and liability insurance

  • Move and relocation costs.

b. Items excluded

The following list represents examples of items that should be excluded from the miscellaneous cost category:

  • Building maintenance

  • Utilities

  • Leasehold improvements

  • Building security

  • Trash removal

  • Pest control

  • Costs associated with vocational workshop evaluations (which are reported under medical costs)

  • Contracted photocopy services (see DI 39542.001B.2.)

  • Maintenance costs for EDP and other equipment billed or contracted separately.

B. Procedure

1. Projecting costs

Include estimates of miscellaneous costs under the “All Other Nonpersonnel Costs” category on the Annual and Quarterly Spending Plan submissions. Include an explanation for these costs in the narrative portion of the spending plans. See PM 00203.000 for instructions on preparing the annual/quarterly spending plan requests.

2. Reporting costs

Report miscellaneous costs on a quarterly basis on Form SSA-4513 (State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs) under the “All Other Nonpersonnel Costs” category. See DI 39506.210 (DDS Financial Management) for reporting requirements.

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