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DI 40505.020 Procedures for Field Office (FO) or Disability Determination Services (DDS) Deferral or Discontinuance

A. Introduction to deferral or discontinuance

Due to the continuing disability review (CDR) mailer process described in DI 40502.000, medical CDR alerts no longer require screening. The Processing Center (PC) reviews the completed mailer and profile data sheet to decide if the Office of Disability Operations (ODO) requires a full medical CDR(s) at that time. If we do not need a full medical CDR, re-diary the case. Based on PC input, the system produces alerts only for those cases in which ODO needs full medical CDRs.

In addition to the mailer, the Automated Direct Release (ADR) system selects cases that may need a CDR. The ADR alerts require regular screening.

Both the mailer and ADR system require a folder review to determine if a

CDR is appropriate. For detailed information regarding screening procedures, see DI 13005.020A, Field Office Actions for Processing and Screening Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Folders and Alerts.

1. Defer a CDR

The FO may defer a CDR if it would be inappropriate or very inconvenient for the individual due to his or her hospitalization, travel, etc. With Regional Office (RO) approval, the FO may also defer a case in life-threatening situations. ODO can defer a case for up to 6 months. For additional information concerning deferments, see DI 13005.020J.

2. Discontinue a CDR

The DDS ordinarily completes all CDRs sent from the FO, but may discontinue a CDR if the case is particularly sensitive (for example, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or any other terminal impairment). For detailed information regarding screen-outs, see DI 13005.020.

The component responsible for discontinuing the CDR must notify the individual.

B. Procedure for deferral or discontinuance

If the FO or DDS returns a CDR to the PC, the PC must:

  • Verify the reason for return of the discontinuance (Do not review a decision just to defer.);

  • Set a new diary as appropriate (but no more than 6 months into the future) for a deferral; or

  • Return the case to the FO or DDS if the basis for discontinuing the CDR is incorrect. Explain the reason for the return on an SSA-5002, Report of Contact.

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