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DI 81020.035 Document Management Architecture (DMA) Barcodes and Document Indexing

A. DMA Barcode

The DMA barcode is used to automatically index documents that are faxed or scanned into the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF). For more information about document indexing, see Document Types -

DI 81020.040.

The DMA Barcode contains information that:

  • Associates the document with a specific case;

  • Identifies the Document Type (see Document Types -DI 81020.040); and

  • Places the document into the correct section of the CEF.

NOTE: The section of the CEF is the default location based on the specific document type used in the barcode. eView users may move the document to a different section after imaging the document. For more information on moving imaged documents in the CEF, see Locking/Unlocking a CEF in eView - DI 81001.040.

1. Contents of the DMA Barcode

The DMA Barcode contains:

  • Component Site Code (e.g., V40).

  • Claimant's own SSN (COSSN).

  • Document Type (see Document Types - DI 81020.040).

  • DMA disposition code (identifies whether scanned documents are automatically added to DMA or sent to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) printer):

    • “D” – Sends imaged document to the DMA repository (used for cases processed in DMA).

    • “P” - Sends the imaged document for printing (used for cases not processed in DMA).

  • Contract Scanner source document disposition code:

    • “F” – Contract Scanner forwards source document to originating site (for paper folders).

    • “S” – Contract Scanner stores source document at scanning contractor site (for CEF cases).

  • Checksum is a systems generated number keyed by providers using the Electronic Records Express (ERE) website to ensure they correctly keyed the indexing information on the website.

  • Request ID, is a unique number created by the case processing system that links the document to an evidence request in the case processing system. The CEF sends the Request ID to the case processing system as notification when the response is received. The DDS case processing system alerts the Disability Examiner (DE) that the document was received and updates the DDS worksheet to indicate the response was received.

    NOTE: The Request ID may also be known as the turnaround document number, document control number, voucher number, authorization number, case number, or a combination of these terms depending on the DDS system.

2. Creating the DMA Barcode

DDS creates the barcode through its case processing system. The barcode is automatically generated and placed on all case development correspondence and all documents used for onsite scanning and contract scanning.

NOTE: A barcode must be affixed to all case development documents used to request evidence for CEF cases.

B. Document Indexing

Document indexing involves:

  • Storing the document in the correct CEF;

  • Filing the documents in the appropriate section of the CEF; and

  • Accurately identifying the document in the CEF without requiring the user to open the document to determine what it is (e.g., Medical Evidence of Record, Consultative Examination, SSA-3368 [Disability Report – Adult]).

1. Automatic Indexing – DMA Barcode

Automatic Indexing occurs when the received document includes a barcode. The barcode contains all of the necessary indexing information to place the document in the correct case and section of the CEF, and to accurately identify the document.

2. Manual Indexing

Manual Indexing is performed when evidence is scanned, but the DMA barcode is missing or deficient. Manual Indexing refers to keying the following indexing elements so the document is placed in the correct case, in the correct section of the CEF and is identified correctly:

  • Component Site Code (e.g., V40);

  • SSN of the claimant or the Number Holder (NH);

  • Document Type (see Document Types - DI 81020.040); and

  • Request ID.

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