TN 35 (11-23)

DI 81020.125 Electronic Case Routing Before Final Determination

A. General – Electronic Case Routing

Prior to making the final disability determination, the DDS may send any electronic case, that they have jurisdiction of, to another DDS (e.g., the claimant moves to a different state).

When sending cases to another disability case processing component for workload assistance and the final determination will be made by the receiving office, use the Transfer (TR) decision code rather than a No Determination (ND) decision code to ensure proper workload credit. Route the claim using TR regardless of whether or not substantive work has been done on the case. The instructions in DI 81020.127 Processing "No Determination" (ND) Claims, for “send to another office” do not apply when routing claims for workload assistance.

B. Routing to Another DDS

The sending DDS must:

  • Document the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) that the case is being sent to another DDS and include the reason (e.g., if the claimant has moved, document the new address and phone number). All documentation must be included in an electronic SSA-5002 (Report of Contact);

  • Add a message in the CEF to notify the FO that the case is being sent to another DDS and the reason. Alert the FO to the message through the EDCS Action Page. NOTE: Messages are limited to 200 characters. The DDS may include in the message a reference to the SSA-5002;

  • Clear the case on the National Disability Determinations Service System (NDDSS) with a decision code (DEC) of No Determination (ND) or Transfer (TR) (see DI 32005.020 – No Determination Routing). Enter the destination code of the receiving DDS on NDDSS.

If the CEF being sent to another office includes a paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) (i.e., an EDCS exclusion claim):

  • Print and file all documentation in the paper MDF;

  • Prepare an EDCS routing form using eView with the notation “CEF Sent to (receiving DDS)” in the remarks section of the routing form. See DI 81010.087 for instructions on preparing the routing form;

  • Attach the EDCS routing form to the paper MDF;

  • Mail the EDCS routing form and paper MDF to the receiving DDS.

C. Routing to a FO

For instructions on routing a CEF to the field office (FO) after an FO determination, see Field Office Determinations - DI 81020.075.

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