SI DEN00520.001 Residence in an Institution (Basic Care Facilities in North Dakota)

A. Background

In North Dakota, the State has designated certain institutions as "basic care facilities" (BCFs). With one exception, these are private institutions that can receive payments from a variety of sources such as the recipient, friends/relatives of the recipient, Medicaid, and the State of North Dakota. The exception is the North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon. This is a state-operated public institution and residents are ineligible for SSI (i.e., PSY N02). BCFs are not licensed to provide inpatient medical care and services. SSI recipients in these facilities keep $60.00 per month for personal needs, and their remaining income is paid to the facility toward the cost of care.

B. Living Arrangement

Individuals in the private facilities are in living arrangement "A" (e.g., $531.00 FBR in 2001). In many instances, Medicaid may be paying more than 50 percent of the cost of care, but this does not result in LA-D (i.e., $30.00 pay cap) because for LA-D to apply, the individual must be in a medical treatment facility licensed to provide inpatient medical care or services. BCFs are not licensed to provide such care or services.


Any payments from the State of N.D. or Medicaid toward the in-kind support and maintenance (ISM) received by the recipient are excluded per the provision in SI 00815.050. That POMS section essentially explains that in-kind income provided by a governmental medical or social services program is not income.

In some instances, recipients may move from a semi-private room to a private room, and a friend or relative pays the additional cost. Such payments are also excluded. North Dakota State law provides that the payment for the additional cost of a private room "must come from sources other than a resident's monthly income." Simply stated, the N.D. law specifically says a recipient pays all income (less $60.00) for the cost and care and specifically precludes the recipient from paying for the additional in-kind shelter cost associated with a private room. This State law limiting the maximum amount a recipient can pay toward room and board is analogous to "rent control" laws in some locations which limit the amount of rent an individual can legally pay. In "rent control" situations, SSI policy in SI 00835.380 provides that ISM will not be charged as income if the current market rental value (CMRV) exceeds the amount of rent the individual is paying as long as that payment equals the allowed amount in the "rent control" situation. Although third party payments for shelter are a different type of ISM than rental subsidies when CMRV exceeds the rent payment, both "rent control" and N.D. law limit the recipient's payment toward food and shelter. Since ISM is not counted in "rent control" situations, ISM is similarly not counted in N.D. basic care facilities when a third party pays for the additional cost of a private room.


Below is a list of BCFs, listed alphabetically by city, provided by the N.D. Dept of Health. In the future, additional facilities may be licensed as BCFs. The license status of any facilities not listed below can be determined by contacting the N.D. Dept of Health.




Baptist Home Basic Care Unit

1100 E Boulevard


Edgewood Vista of Bismarck

3406 Dominion St


Karrington Commons Assisted Living

114 N. 3rd St


Karrington Cottages Assisted Living

2625 N. 19th St


The Terrace

901 E. Bowen Ave


Prairie Home

705 3rd St


St. Francis Residence

Highway 281 North


Holy Family Villa

876 5th St North

Devils Lake:

ODD Fellows Home

1107 Walnut St



2143 6th ave West


Manor St Joseph

404 4th Ave


Edmore Memorial Rest Home

301 E. 4th Ave


Dakota Hill Housing

606 Dakota St N


Ellendale Evergreen Place

201 8th St N


Evergreen of Fargo

1401 W Gateway Circle


Evergreen of Fargo

1405 W Gateway Circle


Evergreen of Fargo

1409 W Gateway Circle


Evergreen of Fargo

1411 W. Gateway Circle


Gackle Care Center

304 1st Ave W

Grand Forks:

Parkwood Place Inn

749 30th St


St Annes Guest Home

524 M 17th St


Senior Suites at Sakakawea

813 7th Ave NE


Bethel 4 Acres Ltd

1404 1st Ave N



1505 3rd St SE


Rock of Ages

1315 4th St NE


Baptist Home of Kenmare

315 2nd Ave NW


North Dakota Veterans Home (PSY: NO2)

1400 Rose St S


Maddock Memorial Home

301 Roosevelt Ave


Dakota Pointe

3503 43rd St NW


Sheridan Memorial Home

610 S. Main


Edgewood Vista

706 16th Ave SE


Edgewood Vista - Alzheimers Unit

715 17th Ave SE


Mott Good Samaritan Center

401 Millionaire Ave


Borg Pioneer Memorial Home

61 Borg Drive


Noonan Good Samaritan Center

302 Main St


Harold S Haaland Home

1025 3rd Ave SE

Valley City:

HI Soaring Eagle Ranch

3731 117 R Ave SE


St Catherine's Living Center

1307 N. 7th Street


The Leach Home

714 N. 4th St


Pembilier Nursing Home

500 Delano Ave

Watford City:

Good Shepherd Home Basic Care

709 4th Ave NE


Bethel Lutheran Home BC

1515 2nd Ave W


The Kensington

1001 24th St West


Redwood Village

213 7th St

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