TN 23 (06-96)

SI 00520.730 Field Office Liaison with Institutions

A. Introduction

There is a potential for overpayments, delays in reinstatement, and delays in adjustment of payment for SSI claimants and recipients who are admitted to or discharged from public institutions, or facilities where Medicaid may be paying more than 50 percent of the cost of care. It is essential that all FOs work closely with the administration and staff of these institutions to facilitate the flow of information regarding the SSI population.

B. Procedure - general

The FO will:

  • maintain ongoing contact with all appropriate institutions in the service area;

  • use regular visits as a means to encourage cooperation;

  • establish procedures for the institutions to report timely on events which affect eligibility and payment determinations (e.g., admissions, discharges, changes of income, death).

C. Procedure - non-medicaid facilities

For facilities not certified by Medicaid, the FO will:

  • provide copies of Form SSA-8150-EV (Reporting Events—SSI);

  • instruct administrators of the facilities on how to complete the form;

  • explain why this information is necessary including an explanation of possible continued payments for temporarily institutionalized individuals who enter medical treatment facilities (SI 00520.141);

  • ask that this reporting become part of the admission and discharge process; and

  • process reports as quickly as possible.

D. Procedure - medicaid certified facilities

For facilities certified by Medicaid, the FO will:

  • follow procedures spelled out by the RO; or

  • in the absence of RO instructions, follow the instructions for facilities not certified for Medicaid as given above.

E. Reference

See SI 00520.900 regarding the prerelease procedure for an individual who may be scheduled for release from an institution.

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