TN 11 (08-22)

SI 00530.430 How Do I Process a Report of Fugitive Status From a Third Party through MSSICS?

NOTE: Refer to the chart for the action required.

Court Case


Martinez Settlement

On April 1, 2009, SSA changed its policy of not paying fleeing felons. Follow the instructions below only for felony warrants with offense codes 4901, 4902, or 4999. Follow the Martinez settlement instructions in GN 02613.860GN 02613.885 for all other felony warrant codes.

Clark Court Order

On May 9, 2011, SSA changed its policy and no longer suspends or denies benefits or payments based solely on a probation or parole violation warrant (i.e., warrants with offense codes 5011, 5012, 8101, 8102, or 9999 or “Blank” and an offense charge symbol of “probation or parole violation”). Follow the Clark Court Order instructions in GN 02615.100GN 02615.190 for all probation or parole violation warrants.

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A. Procedure

When you have sufficient evidence to conclude that an SSI recipient meets the ineligibility criteria in SI 00530.001 and does not meet the good cause criteria in SI 00530.015 take the following steps to suspend payments. See SI 00530.010 to determine ineligibility months.

Step Action
1 Open a stand-alone PE event.
2 Go to the Person Screen Status (PERS) and select ALEF, if listed

If ALEF is not listed on PERS, select the SSI Claims Application (ACLM) screen. Press enter.


Continue through the general identification path. Entry of ACLM will place ALEF in the path


Document data on the new MSSICS screens.


Suppress the systems-generated notice on the second page of the CMSC screen.


Per instructions in SI 00530.017, issue a manual Notice of Planned Action, SSA-8155-U2 or an Important Information Notice, SSA-8166, as appropriate, using DOCS. If necessary, a manual overpayment notice must also be issued.

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